about us

Welcome to Whistler Paintball

Founded in 1989, Whistler Paintball has more than 30 years of experience and a spotless safety record. Paintball is a great activity for Whistler stags/bachelor parties, staff parties, birthday parties, family outings, corporate events, sports camps, etc.

Our main field 

Our main field is massive, flat and easy to run on. It features a school bus that players can enter and many (brand new) wooden bunkers. On the field, there are also some barrels and sometimes even inflatables. When you arrive this is the first field you will see behind our massive safety nets. This field is so big it can fit up to 40 players.

our forest field

Our forest field is up a short trail in the woods, not far from the main field. With unlimited hiding spots and 2 bases with even more hidden bunkers, this field is perfect for ‘Capture the Flag’ and many more games. When you get out we have a netted spot for players to relax a take off their mask until the next game. This field fits 40 people nicely without being crowded.

Book now, we are open!

We are so excited to welcome everyone back again.