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The Fields

The base field:

A small flat open area with urban man-made structures. Games that can be played on this field include capture the flag, center flag push, center flag return, save the hostage, elimination, president, terminator, infected , rush the bus and more ! And the Bank Job coming soon for summer 2016.

Bushball field:

A large wooded area with trees and man made cover, highly inspired from the most played map of the most played FPS DUST_2 from Counter-Strike Global Offenssive. Games that can be played on the field include capture the flag, defend the fort, El presidente, death matches, free for all (small groups only) and the unique game that you will not get anywhere else…. Plant the BOMB where one team will have to plant a bomb on one of the two sites and protect it till it goes boom, the other needs to protect the sites or defuze the bomb in time….

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