The military field

This is our main field and has had major upgrades this year such as a new helicopter and new bunkers. This will be the first field you will see when you arrive as it is right in front of the patio and common area. This is an open, easy to run on a flat field. The bunkers on the field are evenly spread out on both sides making them both equal size for a fair game. 

Player capacity
The all-new helicopter

Remember our old bus? we turned that into a helicopter. This is in honour of the owner’s late husband Dan Richardson, who was dreaming of a helicopter at whistler paintball. Years later we have made it happen. We hope he is somehow seeing it.

ALL-New bunkers

This year we have re-built all of the bunkers on this field. Sandbags are placed on top and at the bottom of all the bunkers for support, they are great to crash into because they are soft.

Created by Jason Charlton/D99 Paintball Parks. Thank you so much for building and designing our brand new field and helicopter.


The forest field

 This field is just above the military field right in the forest. Because this is in the forest, this is a great place to play when in need of shade. 
When you’re out of the game or you just need a break there is also a netted break area with enough benches for your whole group.

We upgraded the main field first, next is the forest field. Expect a mini helicopter and a tank with all new bunkers soon!

blend in with nature

In the forest you will find plenty of bunkers made out of logs and sticks, with you wearing some of our camouflage coveralls, you will just blend in. There are also some bunkers built out of wood spread out in the forest to give you more cover.

perfect for all games

With all of these hiding spots, this field is perfect for so many games such as capture the flag, team death-match and everyone vs everyone. There are many bunkers and hiding spots – even trees are great places to hide.

All our games and rules can be changed at youR request. 

Classic Games

Capture the flag , Capture the flag push, Elimination, Capture the Base.


One team needs to escort the president from point A to B… The other team has to kill the player designated to be president.


Both team are playing on the same side against a Terminator… The Terminator is damaged but your paintballs only slows him down, get the “Rocket launcher” from the middle of the field and aim right !

Bus raid (two-part game)

One team has an hostage and a bomb in the bus… Try to negotiate… When the bomb’s timer start you have 5 minutes to take the hostage out of bus. And then you must carry the hostage to the rescue point through enemy line.

Two Man squad survival

Teams of two are all against each other last man standing win !

Plant the bomb

One team is planting… the other needs to defuze it.