Classic :

Capture the flag , Capture the flag push, Elimination, Capture the Base.

Scenario games:

President: One team needs to escort the president from point A to B… The other team has to kill the player designated to be president.

Terminator: Both team are playing on the same side against a Terminator… The Terminator is damaged but your paintballs only slows him down, get the “Rocket launcher” from the middle of the field and aim right !

Demolition: One is given a “Bomb” , they need to plant it on one of the 2 sites available. The other team must defuse it before before the timer ends by cutting the right wire.

Bus raid (two part game):One team has an hostage and a bomb in the bus… Try to negotiate… When the bomb’s timer start you have 5 minutes to take the hostage out of bus. And then you must carry the hostage to the rescue point through enemy line.

Two Man squad survival: Teams of two are all against each other last man standing win !

Plant the bomb: One team is planting… the other needs to defuze it.

The Truck heist: Get in the trunk, grab as much as you can, get away…

And more ! All our games and rules can be changed at you request.