Paintball is a great activity for Whistler stags/bachelor parties, staff parties, birthday parties, family outings, corporate events, ski/board camps, hockey camps, etc. We can accommodate up to 40 people per group (split into two teams of 20). To help with organizing your group, please have everyone print and sign a waiver in advance.

Minimum age is 12 years old!


At Whistler Paintball, safety is our main priority. Players will receive a detailed safety briefing and will be supervised at all time by a first-aid trained referee. You will be required to wear a paintball safety mask at all times on the field, you can only take it off in a netted area. Whistler Paintball has had a spotless safety record ever since it has open in 1989. 


what equipment will you be using?

We are proud at Whistler Paintball to offer you the best possible equipment. You will have a choice of two different guns, and will be given a protection mask which are included. Coveralls are available separately for $5. We now have compressed air refill guns with no CO2 so you’ll never run out of air during the game.

Print and sign your waivers in advance!

Save time by signing your waivers in advance so you can get to playing paintball sooner, if you are not able to print your waiver they will still be available when you arrive for you booking.